Dr Andrzej Krol is a Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia at St George’s University Hospital, London, UK since 2005. He also consults patients in his private pain management clinics at Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon and Spire St Anthony's Hospital, Sutton, Surrey.

Dr Krol is actively involved for over 15 years in promoting and teaching interventional pain relief techniques to doctors, with ultrasound guided approaches opening a new horizon.  He is a Council Member of the London Pain Forum, a leading group of pain doctors in the UK. He is Chairman of the popular annual European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy Ultrasound in Chronic Pain Management Workshop at St George's University Hospital, London.

Dr Krol is also a Past-President of the Interventional Section of the Polish Association for the Study of Pain (PTBB) and a founding member of the Polish Neuromodulation Society.

Dr Krol qualified (MD) from Medical School in Warsaw, Poland in 1991. Completed his Anaesthetic and Intensive Care training in 1998. Diplomate of European Academy of Anaesthesiology (DEAA) 2000. Simultaneously he was trained in Palliative Medicine and set up a Palliative, Hospice and Chronic Pain Service in the region.

Interventional Pain Management Practice

Dr Krol performs a wide spectrum of pain interventions in his practice with expertise in ultrasound guided injections and radiofrequency procedures.

He has a special interest in the following pain conditions and interventions:

- diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nerve entrapment's

- ultrasound guided interventions: Peripheral nerve blocks, trigger point blocks, fascial plane blocks

- sympathetic blocks: stellate ganglion, lumbar sympathectomy, coeliac plexus, superior hypogastric,  ganglion impar.

- spinal pain - cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral including selective nerve roots blocks, epiduroscopy

- Radiofrequency and Pulsed Radiofrequency procedures including: lower back, neck, pelvis, shoulder hip and knee joints OA (osteoarthritis)
- Cancer pain

Neuromodulation Pain Management Practice

Dr Krol also offers minimally invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation modalities for treating chronic pain conditions in his private clinic, including external neuromodulation treatments with the Remedius ExStim device.

To make a private referral or book a private pain management consultation with Dr Krol, email: info@drandrzejkrol.com.  For further information, call Dr Krol's PA on: 07764943266

Dr Krol's Masterclass in USG Hip and Knee Joint RF Ablation at International Workshop 2021

Dr Krol taught Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency Ablation Procedures for the Hip and Knee Joints at the 5th Interventional Procedures and Regenerative Medicine Workshop for Management of the Chronic Pain Patient on 7 May - 15 June 2021. The online international workshop featured many world experts in pain management and was organised under Prof Jose De Andres' leadership by Academy Fundolor, Multi-Disciplinary Pain Management Department, General University Hospital, Valencia, Spain.

Dr Krol's Best of Both Worlds Lecture - Madrid 2019

Dr Krol spoke on combined ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided approach for interventional pain relief procedures at the Ultradissection Workshop in Madrid, Spain on 22-23 May 2019. 

Click on the link below to listen to the lecture:

(365) The best of both worlds. Andrzej Krol MD. UK | UltraDissection - YouTube

Some of Dr Krol's Recent Publications

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Dr Krol Joins Scientific Programme Committee for ESRA 39th Congress Greece 2022

Dr Krol is honoured to have been invited to lead on the chronic pain programme for the 39th Annual ESRA Congress and satellite Hands-on Cadaver Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece scheduled to take place on 22-25 June 2022.

For updates on the congress, visit the ESRA website: 


Dr Krol's New Chronic Pain Service - Spire St Anthony's & Parkside Hospitals

Leading pain specialist Dr Andrzej Krol, who has been teaching USG & X-ray guided procedures for over 15 years in UK and Europe, is delighted to be offering a new private service with a special focus on Radiofrequency Ablation of Shoulder, Knee and Hip Joints for patients suffering with chronic pain.

Dr Krol is currently accepting referrals for these interventions at Spire St Anthony's Hospital, Sutton and Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon.

To make a chronic pain referral, please contact Mr Ciaran Wazir at: info@drandrzejkrol.com. 

Dr Krol is available for private pain management consultations (outpatient & virtual)

In addition to face to face outpatient pain management consultations at Spire St Anthony's Hospital, Surrey and Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, Dr Krol is also conducting virtual consultations via Zoom.  An initial pain management consultation is £225. Follow up consultations at £150.  To book a consultation, email: info@drandrzejkrol.com

Dr Krol Presents on Peripheral Nerve Injuries: Diagnosis & Management - March 2021


Dr Krol joined an international faculty on 13 March 2021 during the 4th European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy webinar to present on the use of ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of peripheral nerve injuries.

Dr Krol Chairs International Webinar on Ultrasound Blockade for Chronic Pain - Nov 2020


Dr Krol chaired a popular European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy webinar on Ultrasound Blockade for Chronic Pain on 26 November 2020.